Monday, April 29, 2013

Keira Jane

Sweet Keira Jane... February - now :)
Yes, she is wearing this inside, and yes, our house is that cold!
She is pretty much always happy :)

Strategic placement.

Okay, well she's not always happy...
Our little nanook of the north! Ha!
Those are some SERIOUS baby blues!

Sweet moment with her brother.

Visit from GiGi!
Picnic in town. Get that chip outta my face!!

More GiGi lovin'.
Those eyes!!!


Easter Sunday.
Beach walk.
Love this so much.

First real food (if you consider rice cereal "real" food).
She could put fires out with her drool. For sure.
Chubby. Livin' the good life.


cHim-prints said...

Wow, such great photos of everyone!

Keira is certainly photogenic. That Easter picture should be an ad for something!!! Adorable.

Amber said...

Agreed! Such cute pics! Love her and cannot believe how big she is getting!!! Kiss those chubby cheeks for me!

Rachel Olimb said...

Oh I just love your family! So many pictures here to comment on. The one of you two is an absolute fav. The pic of Justus and lil K staring at each other is epic. And her Easter hat?!?! You better post some more pictures of that cuteness :).