Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Break

Okay so I know that I have been M.I.A. but things have been a bit crazy around here! First, my computer was broken for about 6 weeks, but I just got it back and it now works perfectly. Second, we have been running around the U.S.A. like maniacs (or so it feels) and haven't really had time to even breathe. But don't get me wrong...we love it and love seeing everyone that we have missed so dearly. Finally, I have already taken WAY too many pictures and am overwhelmed at the thought of just choosing a few to highlight all of the fun things we have done on our trip so far! But...we leave for the last leg of our journey tomorrow and since internet connection is limited in Troy, Alabama (at least in the Hawarah home!) I thought I would put up a quick post with a few pics to say that we are all alive and well and are having way too much fun to blog!! xoxo
Piper is now 6 months old and still so cute (and still red-headed)!!Justus has been a trooper (both kids have) and he has done so many fun things that he will be seriously bored when we finally make it back home!Golfing, of course. Mini-golfing that is. He was beating me straight-up by 7 strokes after the first 9 holes! Ha ha. Good thing his attention span is short and I was able to take advantage and come back to beat him by 3. Yes, only 3.We are LOVING being back in the states and spending time with our families and friends!