Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Summer

This is really our first full summer in Scotland since moving here (we usually head back to the States but we chose to stick around this year). Even though it has been colder (and wetter!) than usual, we have still had some nice days (and by "nice" I mean 70ish degrees) and we have tried to take advantage of them. Here are some pics of just some of our summer adventures (in random order because that is how they uploaded and I didn't want to take the time to arrange them)!
Beach picnic.
Swing cuddles.
Painting outside.
Playing in the yard.
Justus meeting two of his heroes at the Children's Science Center.
Looking so grown up...
 Watching the Olympics.
 Coastal walk.

 Lunch at the Balgove Larder - an outdoor grill with the ONLY good steak we have had since moving here!

 Beach walk by the Castle Course.
 Pit stop. How cute is Pipes in her shades??!
 Getting soaked in the rain at Allanhill Farm.
Piper and dad at Craigtoun Park.
 Cambo Estate gardens.
 Trampolines at the park.
 Rock climbing by the beach (see Justus??)
 The Pipers - one of my best friends from college and her daughter (also a Piper!) and mom came to visit.
 Justus made it up!
Mini me.
 Just like her brother, she LOVES throwing rocks into the water and could do it for hours.
 Dancing on the beach :)
 Miniature golf (sort of) at the park.
 Tough girl.
 Ice cream.
She's obsessed with washing her hands with "foof" (how she says "soap").
 Beach picnic again.
 Doing the (almost) nakey dance together!
 Throwing rocks at the beach.
 Dancing to the accordion band at the Botanic Gardens.
 The ghetto carnival came to town!
 On a walk in town, being cute.
 Trampoline at Cambo Estate.
One of her first times walking in the water at the beach (still unsure!).
 Justus & St. A's.
 She got used to it! They are braver than me - the water was pretty cold!
I have hundreds more but I guess that's all for now :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Olympic Champion

Justus cracks us up. Please watch this. My favorite part is between "12" and "11"... you'll see.
By the way, he is dressed like this because 1) he spilled water on his pants and wanted them off, 2) Piper was playing with her winter hats and he wanted one on too, and 3) I was making dinner and he was running around like crazy in the house so Trav had him put on his crocs and run outside.