Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey & Snow

Well we had our second Thanksgiving here and it was crazy but fun! 14 of us, plus 4 kids - it was a full house and Justus was LOVING all of the attention :) This is his Thanksgiving 'cheese' face... not sure why, but he is so weird and cute!
We did get a picture this year with all three of us (well, four of us!) with Trav's eyes open this time!
The turkey-carving master...
Justus and one of his new friends, Ivy, were having so much fun together!
Justus decided that he loves hot apple "spider" (as he calls it) and he kept asking for more, while Trav drowned his pumpkin pie in whip cream :)
We had our first snowfall on Thanksgiving eve - but these pics are from the day after Thanksgiving. We actually got several more inches (well - really looks more like a foot) of snow last night so we are officially ringing in winter over here!! Justus' favorite part was, of course, eating it!
Playing chase with dad - too cute!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Since Justus has been potty-training, we get to see him walking around the house all day in his little 'Thomas the train' and superhero undies. I just can't resist taking pictures...he always looks so darn cute! Here he is golfing (in GiGi's shades)...
..."making tea" as he calls it (I fill the sink with bubbly water and he gets out his plastic cups and pours the water in and out of them, soaking the entire kitchen counter and floor in the process.)...
...listening to his playlist on the iPod, running around playing in his Superman p.j.'s...
...looking extra stylish wearing my boots and his gloves (to cover a band-aid on his hand that he keep wanting to peel off)...
...and sitting on the couch reading one of his books before bed.
Here he is running around in my boots again - this one makes me laugh!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Farmer's Market

Once a month, there is a local Farmer's Market in St. Andrews. We have only gone once before (while Peeps & Tom were visiting). There is really not much to it, just a few booths selling cheese, meats, veggies, chocolates, wines, and that sort of thing. We decided to get out of the house on Saturday morning and browse the selection. In case you're wondering, we bought some Hot Pepper Jelly (Tom bought this last time we went and we all loved it and we just ran out - thanks for introducing this to us, Kubes...we'll eat it in your honor!) and a couple of cheeses that Trav picked out - mustard cheese and whiskey cheese - both yummy actually!
Justus' favorite booth was the smoked fish stand...they were smoking the fish on the spot and selling it as a snack.
Here are the boys peeking at the process, and Trav enjoying some of the finished product!
Justus loved running up to the smoke and then running away screaming before it blew on him!
Here's a peek of the little cutie...