Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentime's Day!

Well, that is how Justus says it (and Aunt Peeps, by the way!).
Justus had school that day and took his teachers and his friend Luke some Star Wars valentine's that we printed online ("Yoda one for me" - they were awesome). He also thought I was putting Piper's shirt on him (ha!) but he grew into the idea of wearing a 'pink' shirt. (Trav preferred to call it 'salmon' - okay, Ross Gellar! Ha!)
 We love you!! XOXOXO

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Now I've Gone & Done It...

...let's face it, people. I am WAAAAY too far behind on this blog. Only some minor milestones missed - our trip back to the States, Piper's 1st Birthday, Christmas, our 8 year Anniversary, meeting my new niece for the first time, getting to see our families, coming back to Scotland, Justus starting school, Piper starting to walk. I think that's it. Not bad. And now I'm having a dilemma...try to post something about it or not. AAH! Why do I do this to myself? Well, here is a VERY BRIEF rundown of all the fun we've been having for the past two months for those of you, besides me, who care :)

Piper turned one. We were in Colorado and still a little jet-lagged maybe. It was two days before Christmas and a little crazy. But she turned one and we celebrated, Hello Kitty style. Nothing major. Homemade (and, as always, hand-decorated) cupcakes and mini-bundt cakes. She didn't even eat one bite of the cake, I don't think. She did try the frosting but that's about it. But she got to celebrate with my mom, Trav's parents and her great-Nanny too, so that was special :)
Then came Christmas. We had actually already celebrated our own family Christmas in Pitscottie before leaving for the States. It was small, sweet and fun.
But Christmas at the Buchanan's is a whole other is BIG. They go all out. Then add Kay Kay to the mix. Needless to say, the kids (and us too!) were spoiled! We were opening presents from 8am-1pm. INSANE! Then a big Christmas dinner with more family. It was a full, fun day.
Then just when you think the celebrating is over, Trav and I had our 8 year Anniversary on December 27th. 8 years??!!! Crazy. We had a nice dinner out thanks to the 'rents and then were spoiled yet again with tickets to a Broncos game (in a heated suite, nonetheless)! It was amazing. Too bad they lost...but when you're eating freshly sliced prime rib, you care less. :)
And I can't say enough about our families...we got three weeks in Colorado with Pops & GiGi, and Kay Kay came and met us for a week! Plus Nanny came for a few days. Then Piper and I got to go meet my newest niece, Iris, in Salt Lake City and see Anna & Chris. Then we were off to Alabama to stay with Leah & Justin and their family, and Peeps & Tom came up to spend five days with all of us. It was seriously the best. I LOVE OUR FAMILY!!! I miss everyone like CRAZY being over here, so just seeing everyone and spending time with them was definitely the highlight of the trip (for me)!
Pops & GiGi
Kay Kay
Uncle Chris
Aunt Anna

Aunt Peeps
Uncle Tom
Aunt Leah
Uncle Justin
Kiley & Reese

Believe it or not, that is all for now. More on Justus in school and Piper walking later. I think this is enough. :)