Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We just had our friends Joel & Kate (and their two kids, Addie & Walker) in town from Oxford. It was really good to hang out and swap stories, and it was fun for Justus to have two friends living with him! He was a little freaked out the first morning when he woke up and came downstairs and their were two kids taking over his playroom!! But he quickly adjusted and it was super cute to watch all the kids together.

Walker and Justus playing soccer in the backyard.

Playing with literally every single toy they could find in the playroom!

Once Justus sat in his tool bin, they all wanted to sit in there...at the same time! So cute.

Justus getting some love from Addie, who repeated called him 'gorgeous' :)

We all went and walked around the cathedral grounds on their last day here. I love this picture of Justus with the cathedral ruins in the background.

At one point, all three kids were chasing each other around the graves! Maybe slightly irreverent, but so stinking cute. We miss them already - the house is too quiet!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just Another Day

Just a glimpse into some of Justus's everyday activities...

A walk down the street (he loves pointing out birds and saying "bah" which we all know means bird!)...

Reading his favorite books (over and over and over)...

And of course, snack time while watching a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So they do celebrate Halloween here, but definitely on a smaller scale. Only one group of trick-or-treaters came to our door (well, here they call it "guising" - as in disguising, I think) and it was our neighbors. It's probably for the best since I hadn't bought any candy anyways!! (Don't worry...the neighbors got to choose from my own personal stash of Twix, Snickers, and Mars Bars!) We started off the day at Cairnie Fruit Farm with our new friends Kendall and Andrew. It was a gorgeous day and we spent the whole afternoon outside (this is the same place we went for Justus's birthday - so once again we wore ourselves out!). We got to pick out our own pumpkin and they carved it for free. Later that night we went to a Halloween party at which we entered this very pumpkin into a pumpkin-carving contest and won!! Ha ha! We never told them that it was professionally carved but we didn't feel too guilty since the prize was a candy bar. You fools!!

Every kid needs a picture sitting with some pumpkins...this is that picture for Justus. :)

Our sweet (and fun) friends, Kendall and Andrew.

We went as a golf-trio: the professional golfer - Justus, his caddy - Travis, and the marshal (to keep the crowds quiet) - Jess. The best part about the costumes is that they didn't cost a dime (or a pence, I should say)!

Golfer and his caddy. Notice the glove hanging out his back pocket. And he carried that club around the entire night!

He's made his club selection...

Hanging out in the middle of all the older kids. What a cutie!

Cheating at a pumpkin carving contest and winning...priceless. Ha ha ha!!!