Friday, October 30, 2009

Swept Away

Lately, Justus is soaking things up like a sponge. It's so fun...we can show him how to do something and, for the most part, he can do it. So why pass up the chance to teach him how to do a little household cleaning??! We were outside on the deck the other day and he found this mini-broom. He loved it. He carried it around with him the entire time we were out there. I showed him how to sweep and he got the hang of it right away. It was the cutest. I'm sure soon enough he will turn into a smelly slob (as most boys do) but I will enjoy these moments while they last! :) Now...what else do I want him to do for me? Isn't this why we have kids in the first place (right, Kay Kay? Ha ha ha!)!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Moves

For about a week or so, Justus had a ridiculously fun bedtime routine which involved a night time dance session to "release his wiggles." Of course, this is what some might consider the exact opposite of getting your child to calm down before putting them to bed, but still, it worked. And he loved it. And he has mad dancing skills. His two signature moves (as you will see) are waving his arms and squatting. If everyone who reads this post does these moves on the dance floor at the next wedding they attend, then their friends will see it and do it at the next wedding they attend, and so on and so forth, then this new dance craze will spread across the world like wildfire. Trust me, you want it to catch on. Then you can say, "Hey, I know the kid who started that!"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Birthday, Another Castle...

Ha ha! There seriously are castles everywhere over here! So the choice was obvious for what we should do to celebrate Trav's 32nd birthday...a visit to Stirling Castle and the William Wallace Monument. It was a cold day, but not raining, so we all bundled up and headed out. Justus was such a little trooper, as always.

Here is the William Wallace Monument (if you don't know who that is (mom) then rent Braveheart!).

It was a little bit of a hike up to the base of the monument. Justus had it easy, in my opinion, but somehow he was still pooped when we got to the top! (Well, let's face it, so was I!!)

But it all paid off when he got to walk around the base of the monument in the muddy grass all by himself. He is seriously loving being able to walk around on his own.

Then onto lunch before heading over to tour the castle.

Ah, Stirling Castle. One of the largest and most historically important castles in Scotland. We hooked up with a tour and learned more than we ever needed to know.

Justus even snuck off into the "King's Old Building" and dropped a bit of his own history into this place (in other words, he walked back into this little corner, squatted and pooped!). Gotta love this little guy! There's a birthday present for you, dad :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In My Room

When we moved into our house here, Justus inherited a whole new set of toys (and books, and stuffed animals, etc., etc.). Thankfully, the people we are renting from have two boys so they left plenty of toys to keep Justus entertained. He is still exploring everything and sometimes he finds things that I didn't even know we had! But he loves being in his room...everything is just his size and nothing is a "no" (not that he ever disobeys or anything!)!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

We've Got a Walker, People

Justus is officially a walker now! He started taking his first good string of 3-4-5 steps about three weeks ago, and now he is a pro at it. He loves carrying things (or dragging them!) around with him wherever he goes (I guess this is something he couldn't really do while crawling - although he did sometimes have fistfuls of toys in his hands when he crawled too!). We got him fitted for his first pair of shoes (well, walking shoes) - size 4 and 1/2. He still needs to get used to them but he is so cute in them...he looks like a little boy!! :) and :(

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fish & Chips

We took a little 'field trip' yesterday with a few other post-grads to the town of Anstruther. It's about 15 minutes down the coast from St. Andrews and they are best known for their award-winning fish & chips. Trav loved them, I thought they were okay, Justus could care less...he had chocolate-coated animal cookies to keep him happy :)

The town seemed really quaint and cute but unfortunately the 50+ mph winds almost blew us into the North Sea and prevented us from really enjoying the town! I have never been in winds so strong in my entire life! It looks nice and peaceful but don't let these smiles fool you. We were getting smacked with huge gusts of sand in our faces every few seconds. The one benefit was we didn't need to push Justus around in his stroller... the wind was doing it for us. (Oh, and another benefit, I got to wear my sweet new windbreaker courtesy of the Kubalewski's - thanks, guys!)

Nice hair, buddy :)

Seems like a nice place...we will definitely take a trip back on a less blustery day.