Friday, March 8, 2013

Long Gone

Okay, well I know Christmas is long gone (hello March!) but I can't just skip over it (and Piper's 2nd Birthday, our 9th Anniversary, and our entire 6 week trip back to the U.S.)!! Can you tell I have a new baby?? Well, not so new anymore. So, here's the Scotland & Colorado part of it... the rest to come *soon* :)

Celebrating Piper's 2nd Birthday (early!)
The cutest (and most shy!) cat in his school nativity (yes, CAT!)
Keira just being cute
And growing FAST!
Celebrating our early Christmas in St Andrews
I still can't believe there are THREE!
 Hanging out with Dear Old Pops
 Piper's actual birthday - GiGi planned a great party!
 Christmas Eve PJ's
 Epic lightsaber battle with Justus & Uncle Taylor
 Walking the poopies - we miss them!
 We saw lots of snow!
 GiGi getting some Keira love
 Trav found some old GI Joe's in the basement and Justus was in Battle Heaven.
 Watching the Broncos play - and lose :(
 Christmas morning at Pops & GiGi's house!
 String everywhere!
 Celebrating our 9 year Anniversary
One more cute shot of the birthday girl

Oklahoma and Texas are next... as soon as I sort through the hundreds of pictures I took (why do I do this to myself??).